Handle Big Jobs With a Smaller Truck

Learn about the Powervac APV

If you’re looking for a lightweight truck you can trust to handle heavy-duty jobs, the Powervac APV could be the air duct cleaning truck for you. This all-aluminum vehicle weighs in at under 10,000 lbs., but it’s no lightweight when it comes to performance. You can purchase the truck with a diesel engine, a gas engine or in PTO configuration.

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3 benefits of choosing the Powervac APV

When the time comes to purchase your next HVAC cleaning truck, consider everything you get with the Powervac APV. Its features include:

  1. Debris barrels instead of a dirt box, for easier cleaning and waste removal
  2. A bolted setup instead of welded fixtures for simpler part replacement
  3. A Quincy air compressor capable of up to 300 PSI

To find out more about the Powervac APV, contact the Pringle Company today.

Powervac APV - Kubota Engine (click photos to enlarge)

Powervac APV - PTO Configuration (click photos to enlarge)


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