Air Duct Cleaning Truck Company in Ohio

My name is Greg Brown and our family has been in the indoor air quality business for over 65 years. My great grandfather and grandfather opened The W.R. Pringle Company in 1969. After splitting from the original Pringle company out in Walla Wall Washington they decided to start their new business in northwest Ohio. My dad Don Brown who has been there since the beginning is still here after 45 years. Everything this company is and ever has been is owed greatly to him. We have been manufacturing the trucks we use and selling them all over the country since the beginning. The Pringle duct cleaning truck has been the standard by which all other duct cleaning trucks are measured for over 65 years. During those years they have been improved again and again based on our customers feed back and our own personal experience using them right here in northwest Ohio. Our newest design is a result of all that we and our customers have recognized to be needed improvements on our original design. The key word is SPACE. The Pringle MPV is accommodating in every way. With room to carry a portable vacuum unit, ladders , tons of accessories, and hundreds of feet of hose you will without a doubt never want for more SPACE. The new Powervac APV is not only accomodating it is also light, affordable, and efficient. You will undoubtedly agree that this is the best truck on the market brought to you by the makers of the The Original air duct cleaning truck.


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